Learn about air force ranks

Air Force Ranks

Every country in the world has its own air force ranks. Joining the air force is real courageous act done by the person.

Air force ranks

Enlisting your name alone is already a big deal. Nobody knows what lies ahead for them. So, air force ranking is very necessary. Because, for them, it is their driving force to maintain what they are or even surpass what they are now.

Setting Your Sights on Air Force Ranks

It is what an ordinary airman wants to achieve, to be in the higher position. They are starting to make their own name. It is a real pride for having recognition in their chosen field. It is a source of dignity in their part. Without any ranking, their works would be nothing. There is no point in taking the best course and actions.

Not all members of the air force are coming from the military school. Air force too, like the other form of armed forces have enlists.

3 Levels of Air Force Ranks

There are three levels for enlists in the air force ranks.

  • First, is the airman. Airmen graduated the fundamental armed forces instruction with the rank Airman Basic or E-1. Airmen are all apprentices and still learning the skills and techniques of a military man. They are the most important and delicate unit in the air force. Wrong teachings could mislead them. They could be promoted up until E-4. Basic Airman, Airman, Airman First Class and Senior Airman are names for ranks in the airman level. And, the codes for it are E-1, E-2, E-3 and E-4 respectively.
  • Second is the E-5 up to E-6. They are called the non-commissioned officers.
  • And, the third are the Senior Non-commissioned Officers or the E-7 to E-9. Going higher in the air force ranks means a higher responsibility. Air force components suppose the same level of duty to their rank. From the 2nd Lieutenant up to the 5-star General, the have their own roles in the air force. But, 5-star General or the General of the Air Force is reserved only for wars. They will only be called during those times.

Noble people in the Air Force are of course will be granted with that recognition. They are the best. The life of an Air Force officer is not as comfortable as any other jobs. Their lives are always at stake. No matter how hard they would try, the danger especially when they are in the skies is inevitable. In times of war, air force team is very important. They are the ones taking care of any attacks or defenses coming from the sky. Systematic planning of strategies is so difficult and crucial. It is indeed easier said than done. Big men in the air force ranks are in fact so brilliant and so brave.

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